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News Stories

Listed below are some of the projects worked on, activities participated in, and speakers appeared at the club throughout the year. We try and ensure that there is a good mix of great speakers, volunteer effort, fellowship and business networking by all members.

What a wonderful day for a car rally.
4 teams set out - 2 were at a disadvantage as they were not members of our club but are friends of our club.
Their route was handed out and the race began. They had to record their mileage to ensure their were not cheaters.
Their route took them to the homes of all our members but there was questions they had to answer about each place.
They returned with answers and the winners were Bonnie, Larry and Pauline.
BBQ followed with great conversations, fun, laughter and of course lots of food.
My 3 grandchildren, Terri's step son, and Ross and Lynn's Grandson also attended.
Rotary is about getting to know not only each other but our families and friends.
Thanks for a Great Day!
Guest Speaker, Patty Milligan gave an amazing talk about Bees, covering a vast area of information.  Who knew there were 20,000 varieties in the world?  Patty's presentation had to be ended to to time constraints, so she was immediately booked for a part two presentation in October.  You won't want to miss it.

Guest Speaker, Rachael Putt, from the Bissell Centre in Edmonton gave a great overview of the Centre and the work they do for thousands of homeless people in Edmonton and area.  Their primary goal is to get homes for these people. Then they work on food, clothing and jobs. It is a tremendous job requiring a lot of support and many volunteers.  Their web page which has much more information is www.bissellcentre.org.Image

Guest Speaker, Gem Munro, talked about the Amarok Society, where he is the Director.  This society works in severely poor countries where education for females is almost non-existent. There education model is totally different from the norm. They believe that if you teach a mother, you teach a family.  If you teach five mothers you teach a neighborhood. With this believe, they provide free education to a group of mothers who then are required to teach their own childrenin their own home and some of their neigbours children. This has turned out to be very successful and has spread rapidly.  More information is available on their web site at, www.amaroksociety.org.Image






Guest Speaker, Yvonne Bull is a long time resident of St. Albert.  She was a very active member of the St. Albert Rotary club for many years.  Now she's concentrating on volunteer work for the Fifty Plus Club.  He current project is the writing and production of a high quality book with many pictures and stories about the history of the Fifty Plus Club which will be going through a major renovation and expansion starting this Summer.  When complete, copies of the book will be given to the City and to the library, and will be available for purchase by anyone in the community. Yvonne shared the project with our club and asked us to consider a donation so the cost of the book for the over 500 members could be reduced.Image





Tuesday's guest speaker was Kristy Russ, BscPharm, APA.  She talked about transforming your health, and how to stop letting health problems interfere with the life you want. Kristy is a practicing Pharmacist who runs a one on one health consultation business as well.  She says getting older does not mean having to slow down.  You just need to learn the right things to do.

Kristy offers a complimentary health consultation ( $150.00 value) for all Rotarians.  This can be booked at http://www.timetrade.com/book/KK7D2.

She challenges all of us to get our life back!Image


Linda Perras has achieved her Paul Harris times two!  Congratulations!  President Ross Algar presents Linda with her prestigeous award.  Paul Harris awards are achieved when $1000.00 US is donated to the Foundation for its many worthy programs around the world. Linda now has three!Image

Members of Saint City Rotary assisted with a wine and cheese party held for the residents of Citadel Muse. Rotarians helped serve the residents and help them to and from their rooms.  Most of the residents were wheelchair bound.  While this was going on, one of the Rotarians and his band played and sang songs.  A good time was had by all.

A special thanks to Councellor Tim Osbourne who assisted the band and helped the Rotarians serve the residents.



Finally, After ten years of fundraising, planning and a variety of setbacks our Rotary Park is now officiall open.Image

Our annual Road Kill BBQ is held immediately after our members have cleaned up a section of highway in the St. Albert area. Mystery meat burgers are always a favorite item!
A regular feature is to have occasional site visits to one of our members place of business. This allows our member to highlight his business, and gives us a better understanding of what exactly he or she is involved with.
Al Tardif (R) and Dr. Marc Moreau (L) of the CAMTA medical team pack hockey bags with the Rotary emblem on them for their imminent medical mission to Quito, Ecuador.  The bags, complete with the Rotary Logo on them were supplied by the Rotary Club of St. Albert St. City. For more information, visit the CAMTA site
Many of our members look forward to our "Guess who's coming for dinner" event. The premise is that a number of our members host a dinner, and the rest of the membership is advised by the organizer 1 hour prior where to show up. Of course, all members are required to assist in one of the courses (salad, dessert, etc), with the host supplying the main course.
Every Christmas season, the Saint City Rotary club provides transportation and snacks for up to 50 seniors to view Candy Cane Land and Bright Lights at Hawreluk Park.
Each year we have a car rally that many members take part in and enjoy. Always a challenge, and always good companionship afterwards. Be careful! Our course master can be tricky!

ImageA Saint City Rotary work party packed 30 hockey bags with used fire fighting equipment.  The equipment has been ruled obsolete for fire fighters here in Alberta but is still very useful to a fire brigade that doesn't have any equipment at all.

We regularly have quality and high profile guest speakers on various topics, including the Premier of our province.

President Guy Smith of the AUPE addressed the Saint City Rotary Club on March 24th, giving an excellent overview of the work and challenges of the public union.  As President, Guy has an extremely complex job managing and dealing with union issues for thousands of members.Image

Guest speaker, Larry Wilkins, talked about a special private school next to what was formerly known as the Hobema Reservation. He says the high school on the reservation, which is funded be the federal government, does not work.  It is riddled with gangs and many of the kids choose not to attend it.

His organization has built a special private school next to the reservation, with strict rules against gangs and drugs. He is raising over $4 million for a new state of the art school. Students have to be accepted into the school and can be dismissed for breaking the rules.  Mr. Wilkins is asking the Rotary clubs to help him raise the remaining funds needed.  He already has over $2 million.


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