You don't need a Facebook account to view facebook pages.

But you do need one to post and participate.

Since Saint City Rotary now has a Facebook page, here is how you can easily join Facebook.



  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the sign-up form.  Click the green “sign up” button.
  3. Enter both words shown in the security box.  Click the green “sign up” button.
  4. Click on each of the available services to find friends or click on the “skip this step” to continue.  (You can add friends later).
  5. Fill-in School and Employer information for your profile.  Click on “Save and Continue” button, or you can click on the “skip” text and add this information later.
  6. Click on the “add as friend”  button under the pictures of friends you wish add or click on the “skip” text to continue.
  7. Click on “upload a photo” to upload a profile picture from your computer or you can take a picture using your webcam.  You can click on the “skip” text and add your profile picture later.
  8. Click on the “Go to Email” button at the top of the page to verify your new Facebook account.
  9. Open the email from Facebook titled “Just One More Step” and click on the verification link.