Al Henry (president) and Tony Druett (vice-president) of BLESS (Big Lake Environment Support Society) spoke to our club this evening about the Society's goals, achievements and priorities. The Society is currently focused on
Expanding the BLESS stewardship activities to cover the entire Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park
Working with the Parks Dept. and lobbying for funding for trail improvements and additional signage in LHCPP
Working with the City of St Albert to accomplish the following:
· Raising the Red Willow Trail under the Ray Gibbon Drive bridge
· Preserving the wildlife corridor on the north side of river under the bridge
· Installing replacement trees adjacent to the NE corner of LHCPP
Revising the City’s Municipal Development Plan to delete the Employment Lands designation on two areas of St Albert adjacent to Big Lake
Providing and supporting environmental education programs
A very interesting presentation.
Kathleen Soltys thanked Tony (left) and Al (right) on behalf ot the club.