Today's luncheon hosted a gathering as part of St. Albert's  "Small Business Week" and attending were special guests from the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce and Chairperson Darel Baker. Darel gave an interesting presentation that included recent activities hosting "Roundtable" events that brought together experts with local leaders to discuss perspectives on various issues. Membership of the Chamber of Commerce is well on it's way towards a thousand. For more information, please visit their website at

Thanks out to our many guests today with over 30 in attendance, including terrific representation from the St. Albert Gazette and the Alberta Treasury Branch.  Formal thanks was made to Wing the Chef at Cornerstone Hall, who provided an excellent lunch of ham and perogies for this event. 

 Linda Perras used her Rotary Moment to present an excellent video to our guests about Rotary. All reports from Directors and the Sargent at Arms were received with the utmost appreciation. 

 Next week on Tues. Oct 23 our guest will be Dr. Tanyss Munroand Gem Munro from the Amarok Society which has a mission to "teach extremely poor, uneducated mothers in the world’s worst slums to become neighbourhood teachers." For more information pease visit their website at