Rotary Club of St. Albert
Saint City
Annual Highway Cleanup
Ross Algar
The annual Highway Cleanup and Roadkill BBQ will take place on Sunday, September 30th, starting at 1:00 pm and to be followed by our annual “Roadkill Bar B Que” to celebrate the event.

At least once a year, normally in September, Saint City Rotary is responsible for cleaning a 2+ km section of the east side of Highway 44 between the Yellowhead Trail and Meadowview Drive. Alberta Transportation provides the orange garbage bags, which are filled through the cleanup and left on the roadside. Alberta Transportation then comes and picks up the bags.

Alberta Transportation also puts up a sign on the stretch of highway recognizing our “adoption” of that section of highway.

Maryann Pelletier
Saint City Rotary will be traveling to Mexico in 2013 to help Families of the Dump furnish a daycare, kindergarten, teen center . Morinville Rotary will join us on this adventure finishing other rooms. We need everyone’s help to get ready. The month of September we will be collecting toys and crib furnishing for children 0-2. We are trying to equip 10 cribs for the daycare and make 2 play areas with donated toys for the babies. There will be 2 suitcases at all meetings for all you donated toys, rattles, crib toys, blankets and bumper pads. All for kids under the age of 2. Stay turn because we need your help in the months to come. We will be trying to fill 18 suitcases of donated items. So talk to families and friends to help make this project great.

We also a are in the grant writing process and will keep you informed when we have any good news. We are trying to double or donated $$.

If you want to learn more on the people we are trying to help. Check out the following website.


Donations Requested
Pauline Vaugeois

It is that time of the year when our young students in Inner City need our help - from K-to-Grade IX (all sizes) as well as their mothers, etc.  This year there are over 350 children who need our help.
We are looking for mitts, hats, scarves, warm t-shirts, coats - yes, even blankets, sleeping bags (must be clean) etc.  

New Generations Committee Report
Gerry Mazer 
Our club is exploring the possibility of starting an Interact Club at the St. Albert Catholic High School.  The Interact club is just like a regular Rotary club, except it is comprised of High School students only with a staff member advisor and facilitator. Paula Kinoshito has made contact with the school and an initial meeting to discuss the idea is being organized. The exchange student is named Carl, and he’s from Sweden.  We expect to meet him at one of our meetings soon.  Gerry Mazer is working with members of the St. Albert Rotary to work out the details of our involvement with him. Nancy Watt  and her Husband will be Carl’s host family from November through January.Gerry has been in contact with Doug Campbell, Chair of the Board, with the Community Youth Center.  He will be meeting with Doug, Paul Quantz and Brenda O’Neil to discuss future funding for the organization.  This past year, the Center received $2100.00 from our club.

Bonnie Huckabay has taken the lead in asking our club to help find the next Integrity Awards winner.  We are looking for an individual, (not a Rotarian), in the community who best exemplifies the ideals of Rotary and the Four Way Test.  The winner will be selected by the New Generations committee, and an award presented at a special dinner next Spring, probably in Sherwood Park.

A new Scouting and Guiding badge award program is being developed.  Linda will be bringing forward the details for approval hopefully with the help of Ross Hallett.

An appeal Letter is being prepared to send to Rotary International, to seek policy changes with respect to Scholarships like the Peace Fellowship.  The current  policy does not allow relatives of Rotarians to apply.  Our Board thinks that rule should be dropped.

Rotary Park
Ross Algar
Contruction is due to begin this week on our park project located in Riel turn at the Kinsmen Korral. Details to follow in coming newsletters!

Upcoming Speaker
Kathy Batty
Girl Guides of Canada
Sept. 25