Posted by Julius Buski on Nov 27, 2018
Saint City Rotary Club proudly supports DG Ingrid Neitsch's Rotary District Peacebuilder Initiative.  At this evening's DG's visit, club president Nonie Buski presented Ingrid with the club's contribution of $675 towards this vital program.
Saint City Rotary Proudly Supports Peace Initiative Julius Buski 2018-11-27 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Julius Buski on Nov 06, 2018
Somewhat like Rotary, PEO (Philanthropic Educational Organization) appears often to be a well-kept secret.  Established over 150 years ago, this women's organization provides scholarships, grants, awards and loans for women to continue their education.  At our meeting this evening, Doris Vandersteen, from the St. Albert Chapter filled us in on the good work done by this organization.  For details, check their website at
Shown thanking Doris is Saint City's Director of Administration, Lydia Hodgson.
PEO - Promoting Educational Opportunities for Women Julius Buski 2018-11-06 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Julius Buski on Oct 30, 2018
Project Amigo is celebrating 33  years of transforming lives through education in Colima, Mexico.  The project provides education funding for children as well as an on site hands-on opportunity for Rotarians to spend a week assisting the project in various ways. Saint City is proud to be sponsoring a child's education.  We were delighted to have Edith Martin visit our club today and share some of the Project Amigo stories.   Shown thanking Edith is club member Gennet Ghebremichael (on the left).
To learn more about the project, visit their website at:
Project Amigo - Transforming Lives Julius Buski 2018-10-30 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Julius Buski on Oct 16, 2018
Saint City Rotary celebrates small business week each  year by inviting a representative of St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce to speak at our meeting that week.  Today  we were delighted to have Jodie McFadzen, Volunteer Chair of the Chamber as our program.  Shown thanking Jodie is club secretary Linda Perras (left).
Celebrating Small Business Week Julius Buski 2018-10-16 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Julius Buski on Oct 11, 2018
Our speaker this week was Denny May, son of the famed pilot Wop May. Denny shared with us many fascinating vignettes about Wop's life and career. Shown thanking Denny is Saint City Community Services Director Ross Algar (left).
Great Program About an Aviation Legend Julius Buski 2018-10-11 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by juliu on Sep 19, 2018
Board games are still a popular pastime for many of us.  At our meeting today,  John Engel of Mission Fun and Games in St. Albert, told us about the forthcoming Gamealot Convention.  Check it out at
Show thanking John for his presentation is Saint City member Diane Ellis-Mineault
Board Games are Alive and Well juliu 2018-09-19 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Julius Buski on Sep 11, 2018
Our club was treated to an inspiring presentation at our meeting today by Derek Jay, ,who told us about the wonderful humanitarian work being done in Africa by Mercy Ships.  Thank you Derek, for your informative and touching presentation - and apologies for the fuzzy photo.  Shown in the photo (left)  with Derek is Chad Hierlmeier, Saint City's Director of Vocational Service.
Mercy Ships - Also Doing Good in the World Julius Buski 2018-09-11 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by julius on Sep 04, 2018
"One Edmonton - Two Cities" was the title of a fascinating presentation at our meeting today by Dr. Michael Strembitsky, former superintendent of Edmonton Public Schools.  Dr. Strembitsky sketched a historical perspective of the sociological and economical divide which has existed in Edmonton, on a diagonal northwest southeast line.   A very gripping presentation.  Thanks for sharing this analysis with us Mike!  Nice to have a number of visiting Rotarian join us this evening as well.
Shown thanking Dr. Strembitsky is Saint City president Nonie Buski.
One Edmonton - Two Cities julius 2018-09-04 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Julius Buski on Sep 04, 2018
We were delighted to have Dr. Alan Murdock, President of the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival,  visit us today and present Saint City president Nonie Buski with a certificate of appreciation for our support of the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival as a Scholarship and Award Donor.
Supporting Our Youth Julius Buski 2018-09-04 06:00:00Z 0
Charity Golf Classic 2018 2018-08-29 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Julius Buski on Aug 21, 2018
An outstanding presentation at today's meeting by Elaine Alton, member of the St. Albert Salvation Army church. Elaine shared with us the history of the Salvation Army and the many community-based programs offered by the church in St. Albert. An inspiring speaker! Thanks for sharing this story with us Elaine!
Shown thanking Elaine is Ross Algar, Saint City Rotary's Community Services director and a past president of the club.
DOING GOOD IN THE COMMUNITY Julius Buski 2018-08-21 06:00:00Z 0
President Nonie expressed our club's appreciation at our meeting today to Linda Perras, long-time organizer of our Saint City Charity Golf Tournament and to Ross Algar, for his many years of support of the tournament. Thank you both! In the photo, left to right - Ross, Linda and Nonie
IN APPRECIATION Julius Buski 2018-08-21 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Julius Buski on Aug 07, 2018
One of Saint City Rotary's fundraisers this past Rotary year was a trip to China.  Jeff and Lydia Hodgson, two of our club members who went on the 11 day  trip shared their experience at our meeting tonight.  In addition to dozens of fascinating photos, our two travelers brought along some Chinese food for us to sample (locally sourced, of course!).  Shown in the photo with Jeff and Lydia is Diane Mineault (on the left), our trip coordinator.  Our next trip is a nine day excursion to Thailand and Hong Kong, departing February 14.  Total all inclusive cost is $3,099.
China Trip - A Great Experience Julius Buski 2018-08-07 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Julius Buski on Jul 31, 2018
At our meeting this week, Sue Trenchard and Margaret Geall told us about the vital services provided by St. Albert Victim Services. Thanks for sharing this with us, Margaret and Sue!
Somewhere to Turn to. Julius Buski 2018-07-31 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Julius Buski on Jul 17, 2018
Classification talks are some of our best Rotary programs and tonight's was no exception, as Chad Hierlmeier presented his.  Chad has had several careers and is now enjoying being a realtor.  Thank for a great talk, Chad!
Chad Hierlmeier Shares His Story Julius Buski 2018-07-17 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Julius Buski on Jul 17, 2018
We were delighted to have Brian Blumrick, President of the Rotary Club of Hibiscus Coast, RD9370, visit us today.  Shown exchanging banners with Brian is Saint City Club President Nonie Buski.
A Special Visitor Julius Buski 2018-07-17 06:00:00Z 0
Rotary International's Convention is a great experience and the recent one in Toronto was no exception.  Two of our club members, Dr. Ashgedom Ghebremichael and wife Gennet attended this one and reported on some of the highlights at our club meeting this week.  Shown in the photo with Ash and Gennet is club president Nonie Buski.
RICON - A Great Experience Julius Buski 2018-07-11 06:00:00Z 0
Our own Gerry Tersmette shared a wonderful presentation at our meeting today - telling us about the origin and good works of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Thank you, Gerry!
The St. Vincent de Paul Society Julius Buski 2018-07-03 06:00:00Z 0
Bonnie Huckabay - Saint City's Rotarian of the Year Julius Buski 2018-06-19 06:00:00Z 0
Last Chance to Sign up for this China Trip! Julius Buski 2018-06-15 06:00:00Z 0
We were fortunate at today's meeting to hear from Veronica Kong Executive Director) and Jackie Wiebe (Administrator) of CAMTA (Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad).  CAMTA has just completed its 17th mission to Ecuador, providing free orthopedic care to the needy.  Over 90 individuals took part, at their own expense or through raised donations!  Saint City Rotary is proud to be a sponsor of this life-giving undertaking.  Shown in the photo (left to right) are Linda Perras (Saint City Secretary), Veronica Kong and Jackie Wiebe.
CAMTA - Orthopedic Missions to Ecuador Julius Buski 2018-06-12 06:00:00Z 0
There is help available for those experiencing spousal, family or elder abuse. SAIF (Stop Abuse in Families) Executive Director Caroline Smigielski joined us for our meeting today and outlined the many excellent helpful programs available through SAIF. Shown thanking Caroline is Saint City's Community Services Director Ross Algar.
SAIF Julius Buski 2018-06-05 06:00:00Z 0
All About Hearing.
How good is your hearing? Carmelle Sevigny-Black and Nicole Schmidt, from Discover Hearing in St. Albert, presented a very informative session at our meeting. They spoke on the topic of hearing, hearing loss and the amazing technological advancements in that field. Thanks for sharing with us Carmelle and Nicole!
Shown in the photo with Carmelle and Nicole is our sergeant-at-arms, Mark Palynchuk.
Can You Hear Me? 2018-05-29 06:00:00Z 0
Saint City Rotary is  proud sponsor of several youth leadership programs, including RYLE - Rotary Youth Leadership Experience.  At our meeting this evening, we heard from two of our recent RYLE participants,  Jillian Callbeck and Alex Black.  Shown thanking Jillian and Alex is incoming club president Nonie Buski.
RYLE - Preparing Young Leaders 2018-05-22 06:00:00Z 0
Saint City Rotary is proud to acknowledge the contributions to the club of Gerry Mazer, our Saint of the Month for May.  Gerry has held many leadership positions in Saint City Rotary, including  past service as a president.  He is currently our Membership Chair.  Thank you for all your contributions to our club and to Rotary, Gerry!
Gerry Mazer - Our Saint of the Month 2018-05-22 06:00:00Z 0
Come and learn about our China Trip.... 2018-05-12 06:00:00Z 0
Lori Kary, Executive Director of Westlock-based Rainbow for the Future Foundation, shared with us at this week's meeting the wonderful work being done in Ethiopia by the Foundation.  Check out their story at
Shown in the photo are Saint City Club Administration Co-Director Lydia Hodgson, and Lori Kary.
Rainbow for the Future Foundation - Doing Good in Ethiopia 2018-05-09 06:00:00Z 0
The Rotary Employment Partnership is a wonderful program, under the auspices of Inclusion Alberta, which matches developmentally challenged adults with potential employers.   Bruce Uditsky, CEO of Inclusion Alberta, told Saint City Rotary Club about the opportunities the program provides for these individuals to find a meaningful and productive role in society.  Thank you Bruce, and Inclusion Alberta, for the great work you do!  Shown thanking Bruce is Saint City Rotary president-elect Nonie Buski.
Rotary Employment Partnership 2018-05-01 06:00:00Z 0
Maggy Danko and Kristin Jennings from YNTA (Young Nurses Take Action) spoke to us this evening about their group's genesis and the programs currently underway.    Their medical missions have touched many lives in South America and this year's plans call for volunteer missions to Panama and Peruvian Amazon.  A very inspiring presentation.
Shown in the photo are (left to right) Kristin Jennings, Saint City Treasurer Bonnie Huckabay presenting a thank you certificate, and Maggie Danko.
Young Nurses Take Action - Volunteers Par Excellence! 2018-04-24 06:00:00Z 0
Another terrific program...... 2018-04-20 06:00:00Z 0
"It Starts With Me - St. Albert As a Welcoming and Inclusive Community" was the topic of Leanne MacMillan's presentation at Saint City Rotary's meeting tonight.  Leanne, who is the Community Development Coordinator with the City of St. Albert, reminded us that there are long term impacts when people are excluded from participating in the community, be it as a result of social, societal or economic pressures.  The Social Master Plan for St. Albert highlights and promotes the city as a welcoming and inclusive community.  The new education campaign to raise awareness, entitled "It Starts With Me" was launched with the goal of helping citizens better understand groups at risk of exclusion in the community.  Thank you for your thought-provoking presentation, Leanne.
Shown in the photo with Leanne is Saint City Rotary past president, Ross Algar.
It Starts With Me - St. Albert As a Welcoming and Inclusive Community 2018-04-10 06:00:00Z 0
Welcome to our Newest Rotarian - Chad Hierlmeier 2018-04-03 06:00:00Z 0
You Can Work or You Can Fly 2018-04-03 06:00:00Z 0
Each month Saint City Rotary Club honours one of its members for outstanding service to the club.  This month, we were pleased to acknowledge the contributions and excellent service of Nick Algar.  Nick chairs our International Services Committee and helps out in many other ways.  Thanks for all you do, Nick.  Club president Julius Buski is shown presenting Nick with his certificate of appreciation.
Our Saint of the Month for March - Nick Algar 2018-04-03 06:00:00Z 0
Our program this week (March 27) featured Laura Young from the Parkinson Association of Alberta.  Laura presented a comprehensive and very interesting overview of the disease, current treatment options, and the good work being done by the Parkinson Association.  Thank you for visiting us, Laura!
Shown thanking Laura is our newest member, Gennet Ghebremichael.
Update on Parkinson's Disease 2018-03-28 06:00:00Z 0
Spring - the Perfect Time to Join Rotary 2018-03-20 06:00:00Z 0
St. Vincent de Paul Society St. Albert Conference president Ken Gallagher spoke to Saint City Rotary at our meeting on March 13 and told us about the Society's work and their great need for a truck.  Along with Ken we heard from  Conference members Bernie McCracken and Val Merchant.  Thank you for all you do for the community, St. Vincent de Paul Society!
Shown presenting a certificate of appreciation to Ken is Club Administration Co-Director Jeff Hodgson.
St. Vincent de Paul Society - Serving the St. Albert Community 2018-03-13 06:00:00Z 0
Gennet was inducted into Saint City Rotary at our meeting this evening (March 13). Shown with Gennet are her husband Ash, also a member, and club president Julius Buski.
Welcome to our newest member - Gennet Ghebremichael 2018-03-13 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Feb 20, 2018
We are now accepting registrations for our China trips in October.    Please click on the China Trip link above.
Also - plan to attend our free orientation evening on Wednesday, March 7, 6:00 p.m. at the St. Albert Inn and Suites.
Registrations for October China Trips Now Open 2018-02-20 07:00:00Z 0
Saint City Rotary is pleased to acknowledge  Mark Palynchuk as our Saint of the Month for January.  Mark, who serves as our Sergeant-at-Arms and helps out in many different ways is always there when needed, provides humour at our meetings and is never afraid to ask the tough questions.  Congratulations, Mark, and thank you for being a Saint City Rotarian.  Mark (on the left) is shown receiving his Certificate of Appreciation from club president Julius Buski.
Mark Palynchuk Our Newest Saint of the Month 2018-02-06 07:00:00Z 0
St. Albert is for for change. That was the message St. Albert Mayor brought to Saint City Rotary in her informative presentation to the club this evening (February 6). In addition to sharing her insights with the club, the mayor fielded a number of questions from club members. Another great meeting! Shown in thephoto is president-elect Nonie Buski, presenting Mayor Heron with our club's certificate of appreciation and a donation on her behalf to PolioPlus.
Mayor Cathy Heron Speaks at Saint City Rotary 2018-02-03 07:00:00Z 0
Who benefits from the St. Albert Food Bank?  Where is the greatest need?  How is the food bank supported?  Is there a homeless problem in St. Albert?  How does St. Albert Community Village serve the homeless?  These are just a few of the questions our guest speaker this evening, Suzan Krecsy, answered for us in her informative presentation.  Thanks for coming and sharing your expertise with Saint City Rotary, Suzan!  Shown in the photo is Ross Algar, a past president, presenting Suzan with a certificate of appreciation.
St.Albert Food Bank & St. Albert Community Village - Helping Those in Need 2018-01-30 07:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jan 23, 2018
Ron Bourret from St. Albert-based Loseca [Love-Service-Care] Foundation told us about the great work done by this foundation at our meeting this evening.  This award winning non-profit foundation operates a multitude of programs for disadvantaged adults.  Thank you for your very interesting presentation, Ron!   Shown thanking Ron is club member Dr. Ash Ghebremichael.  Check out Loseca's web page at
Loseca - A St. Albert Based Foundation Doing Good in the World 2018-01-23 07:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jan 23, 2018
Estela Oates, Rotary's newest member, was welcomed into the Saint City Rotary Club at our meeting on January 23. 
Estela's classification is Commercial Cleaning.  She and her husband operate Elysha's Cleaning and Restoration.  Welcome to the Rotary family, Estela.  Shown in the photo is Estela receiving her new member kit from club president Julius Buski.
Welcome to Estela Oates - Our Newest Member 2018-01-23 07:00:00Z 0
Congratulations to Nick Algar, who received his Paul Harris Fellowship at today's (Jan 16) meeting of the Saint City Rotary Club.  A Paul Harris Fellowship is named in honor of Paul Harris, Rotary's founder, and is awarded to an individual who contributes an amount of $1,000 US to the Rotary Foundation - one of the top foundations in the world  Thank you Nick.  Your contribution assists the Rotary Foundation to continue doing good in the world!
Nick Algar, our newest Paul Harris Fellow 2018-01-16 07:00:00Z 0
Our Rotary theme for 2018-19 2018-01-15 07:00:00Z 0
Posted on May 29, 2016
What a wonderful day for a car rally.
4 teams set out - 2 were at a disadvantage as they were not members of our club but are friends of our club.
Their route was handed out and the race began. They had to record their mileage to ensure their were not cheaters.
Their route took them to the homes of all our members but there was questions they had to answer about each place.
They returned with answers and the winners were Bonnie, Larry and Pauline.
BBQ followed with great conversations, fun, laughter and of course lots of food.
My 3 grandchildren, Terri's step son, and Ross and Lynn's Grandson also attended.
Rotary is about getting to know not only each other but our families and friends.
Thanks for a Great Day!
Lost But Not Forgotten Car Rally Linda Perras 2016-05-30 00:00:00Z 0
November 24 Program - All About USchool Julius Buski 2015-11-25 00:00:00Z 0
Guest Speaker, Patty Milligan gave an amazing talk about Bees, covering a vast area of information.  Who knew there were 20,000 varieties in the world?  Patty's presentation had to be ended to to time constraints, so she was immediately booked for a part two presentation in October.  You won't want to miss it.
The Bee Lady 2015-08-05 00:00:00Z 0
Ross Hallet Presentation 2015-07-23 00:00:00Z 0
Assistant District Gevernor, Syl Haisan, Presents Past President Gerry Mazer with a letter of commendation for the club's progress over the past year. Gerry Mazer 2014-08-05 00:00:00Z 0
Newsletter Nov. 6 Jan Randall 2012-11-06 00:00:00Z 0
Newsletter Oct 16 Jan Randall 2012-10-16 19:24:46Z 0
Newsletter Oct 2 2012 Jan Randall 2012-10-02 00:00:00Z 0
Newsletter Sept 18 2012 Jan Randall 2012-09-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Glenn Fritz on Apr 13, 2011
Nancy Watt was presented with an Integrity Award on April 13, 2011 at the Sutton Place Hotel, Edmonton.
2011 Integrity Award Winner Glenn Fritz 2011-04-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Glenn Fritz on Mar 31, 2011

BART PATERSON was nominated as our 2011 - 2012  Unsung Hero.

The City of St. Albert THANKS  residents of St. Albert once a year with a wine & cheese reception.

This year Bart and his wife will attend.

Thanks for all you do Bart!

Unsung Hero - Volunteer of the Year Glenn Fritz 2011-04-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Terry Van Nes
Our annual Road Kill BBQ is held immediately after our members have cleaned up a section of highway in the St. Albert area. Mystery meat burgers are always a favorite item!
Road Kill BBQ and Highway Cleanup Terry Van Nes 0

You don't need a Facebook account to view facebook pages.

But you do need one to post and participate.

Since Saint City Rotary now has a Facebook page, here is how you can easily join Facebook.

Easy Facebook Signup Linda Perras 0
Listed below are some of the projects, activities and speakers the club had throughout the year. We try and ensure that there is a good mix of great speakers, volunteer effort, fellowship and business networking by all members.
Some of our Club's Activities throughout the year Terry Van Nes 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Guest Speaker, Rachael Putt, from the Bissell Centre in Edmonton gave a great overview of the Centre and the work they do for thousands of homeless people in Edmonton and area.  Their primary goal is to get homes for these people. Then they work on food, clothing and jobs. It is a tremendous job requiring a lot of support and many volunteers.  Their web page which has much more information is

The Bissell Centre Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Guest Speaker, Gem Munro, talked about the Amarok Society, where he is the Director.  This society works in severely poor countries where education for females is almost non-existent. There education model is totally different from the norm. They believe that if you teach a mother, you teach a family.  If you teach five mothers you teach a neighborhood. With this believe, they provide free education to a group of mothers who then are required to teach their own childrenin their own home and some of their neigbours children. This has turned out to be very successful and has spread rapidly.  More information is available on their web site at,






Amarok Society Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Guest Speaker, Yvonne Bull is a long time resident of St. Albert.  She was a very active member of the St. Albert Rotary club for many years.  Now she's concentrating on volunteer work for the Fifty Plus Club.  He current project is the writing and production of a high quality book with many pictures and stories about the history of the Fifty Plus Club which will be going through a major renovation and expansion starting this Summer.  When complete, copies of the book will be given to the City and to the library, and will be available for purchase by anyone in the community. Yvonne shared the project with our club and asked us to consider a donation so the cost of the book for the over 500 members could be reduced.Image





Guest Speaker, Yvonne Bull Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Tuesday's guest speaker was Kristy Russ, BscPharm, APA.  She talked about transforming your health, and how to stop letting health problems interfere with the life you want. Kristy is a practicing Pharmacist who runs a one on one health consultation business as well.  She says getting older does not mean having to slow down.  You just need to learn the right things to do.

Kristy offers a complimentary health consultation ( $150.00 value) for all Rotarians.  This can be booked at

She challenges all of us to get our life back!Image


Guest Speaker Kristy Russ Talks Health Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Linda Perras has achieved her Paul Harris times two!  Congratulations!  President Ross Algar presents Linda with her prestigeous award.  Paul Harris awards are achieved when $1000.00 US is donated to the Foundation for its many worthy programs around the world. Linda now has three!Image

Another Paul Harris Recipient Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Members of Saint City Rotary assisted with a wine and cheese party held for the residents of Citadel Muse. Rotarians helped serve the residents and help them to and from their rooms.  Most of the residents were wheelchair bound.  While this was going on, one of the Rotarians and his band played and sang songs.  A good time was had by all.

A special thanks to Councellor Tim Osbourne who assisted the band and helped the Rotarians serve the residents.



Saint City Rotary Assists with Nursing Home Wine and Cheese Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

President Guy Smith of the AUPE addressed the Saint City Rotary Club on March 24th, giving an excellent overview of the work and challenges of the public union.  As President, Guy has an extremely complex job managing and dealing with union issues for thousands of members.Image

Guy Smith, President of AUPE, was the guest speaker Gerry Mazer 0
Servus Credit Union Support the Rotary Golf Tournament Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Guest speaker, Larry Wilkins, talked about a special private school next to what was formerly known as the Hobema Reservation. He says the high school on the reservation, which is funded be the federal government, does not work.  It is riddled with gangs and many of the kids choose not to attend it.

His organization has built a special private school next to the reservation, with strict rules against gangs and drugs. He is raising over $4 million for a new state of the art school. Students have to be accepted into the school and can be dismissed for breaking the rules.  Mr. Wilkins is asking the Rotary clubs to help him raise the remaining funds needed.  He already has over $2 million.


Guest speaker talks about special school Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Guest speaker, Curtis Crouse, at the March 3rd Rotary meeting, gave a well thought out overview about the difficulties experienced by all kinds of organizations looking to increase their memberships. He didn't have all the answers on what to do about it, but he mused on various ideas the club could try.


Guest Spealer Curtis Crouse Talks about membership Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Jerry Moran, Chaplain of the Edmonton Remand Centre was the Guest Speaker at the March 10th meeting.  He gave a very interesting overview of the 

remand Centre and the role played be the Chaplain.  The number of inmates that pass through this institution numbers in the thousands per year.ImageImage

Jerry Moran - Guest Speaker Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Guest speaker, Derek Jay from the Mayfield Rotary club talked about the Mercy Ship project that serves poor people in third world countries.  The ship, staffed by Doctors, nurses and many others, volunteer their time to provide life altering surgeries to thousands of people who can not afford anything.  Currently, they are working on the East coast of Africa.

The Saint City Rotary Club has decided to support this worthwhile project financially.Image


Mercy Ships Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

District Governor, Linda Robertson Visited with the Board and was the speaker at a Rotary Meeting.Image

District Governor's Visit Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Rotarian Warren Renner has become the Movember man, thanks to his staff at work.Image

Movember Madness Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Cam Rennie attended the meeting a played a great rendition of Taps.  It was very much appreciated.Image

Rotary Meeting November 11 Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Danielle Reed, a member of the Morinville Rotary Club is a Life Coach. who owns and operates a business called, Coach on the Go.  She presented our club with an overview of her work, mostly with girls, but she is available for adults and males as well..  Her web page is:

Danielle Reed, Guest Speaker Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Paul Quantz, Chair of the Chamber of Commerce was the guest speaker during small business week.  He was introduced by Lynda Moffat, the CEO and President of the Chamber.  Lynda will soon be the President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, which is good news for Alberta and St. Albert.

Paul, a former member so Saint City Rotary, gave an excellent overview of the work of the Chamber of Commerce.


Chamber of Commerce speaks at Rotary during Small business week. Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Maureen Henkel, Development Officer for Stars Air Ambulance gave a presentation about Stars.  Since they started operations in 1985, they have flown over 26000 missions.Image

Stars Air Ambulance Presentation Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Finally, After ten years of fundraising, planning and a variety of setbacks our Rotary Park is now officiall open.Image

Grand Opening of Rotary Park Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Kristin Ward from the Alberta government led a workshop about Rotary.  She was able to get all members and guests to participate in a very worthwhile discussion.Image

Fireside Workshop Gerry Mazer 0
St. Albert Councillor, Sheena Hughes is the Guest Speaker at Rotary Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Kathy Sandmarier, along with two Morinville Interact students, talked about their trip to Mexico to help with the People of Hope project.  The students showed an excellent video of their experiences, which they said was life changing.Image

Kathy Sandmarier was the guest speaker about their Mexico project Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Saint City Rotary members filling packages with all kinds of goodies for the golfers who will be playing in the golf tournament on Thursday.  Breakfast at Seven, shotgun start at eight, and BBQ with prizes at about Two.  Hopefully there will be no rain.Image

Getting Ready for the Charity Golf Classic Gerry Mazer 0
Posted by Gerry Mazer

Don Vaugeois gave a great talk about his life, work and family.  Once he got into the piano business, he never looked back. Don's Piano has become a major force in the industry over the years. Many of his staff have stayed with him for many years.  He believes this is partly due to his treating staff like part of the family.Image

Former President, Don Vaugeois, Gave his classification speech Gerry Mazer 0
Guest Speaker, Raymond Merhej, from the Strathcona Rotary club speaks about Project Wheelchair, and seeks our support. Gerry Mazer 0
President Ross conducts his first meeting as President for the 2014-2016 Rotary years. Gerry Mazer 0
Lunch with Dr. James Talbot Jan Randall 0
Posted by Terry Van Nes
  Rotary Club of St. Albert - Saint city
  P.O. Box 311
   St. Albert, AB  T8N 1N3
Mailing Address Terry Van Nes 0
Posted by Terry Van Nes
Each year we have a car rally that many members take part in and enjoy. Always a challenge, and always good companionship afterwards. Be careful! Our course master can be tricky!
Annual Car Rally Terry Van Nes 0
Posted by Terry Van Nes
A regular feature is to have occasional site visits to one of our members place of business. This allows our member to highlight his business, and gives us a better understanding of what exactly he or she is involved with.
Visits to Member's Place of Business Terry Van Nes 0
Posted by Terry Van Nes

We regularly have quality and high profile guest speakers on various topics, including the Premier of our province.

High Quality Guest Speakers Terry Van Nes 0
Posted by Terry Van Nes
Many of our members look forward to our "Guess who's coming for dinner" event. The premise is that a number of our members host a dinner, and the rest of the membership is advised by the organizer 1 hour prior where to show up. Of course, all members are required to assist in one of the courses (salad, dessert, etc), with the host supplying the main course.
Guess who's coming for dinner? Terry Van Nes 0
Posted by Terry Van Nes
Al Tardif (R) and Dr. Marc Moreau (L) of the CAMTA medical team pack hockey bags with the Rotary emblem on them for their imminent medical mission to Quito, Ecuador.  The bags, complete with the Rotary Logo on them were supplied by the Rotary Club of St. Albert St. City. For more information, visit the CAMTA site
Medical team to Ecuador Terry Van Nes 0
Posted by Terry Van Nes

ImageA Saint City Rotary work party packed 30 hockey bags with used fire fighting equipment.  The equipment has been ruled obsolete for fire fighters here in Alberta but is still very useful to a fire brigade that doesn't have any equipment at all.

Helping Fire Fighters in 3rd World Countries Terry Van Nes 0
Posted by Terry Van Nes
Every Christmas season, the Saint City Rotary club provides transportation and snacks for up to 50 seniors to view Candy Cane Land and Bright Lights at Hawreluk Park.
Seniors enjoy an evening of Bright Lights Terry Van Nes 0